250mm Ultra Heavy Duty Swivel & Braked Castors with Polyurethane Tyre On Cast Iron Centre with Precision Ball Bearing 3400kg Static Load


Brand: Castors Online

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250mm Ultra Heavy Duty Swivel & Braked Castors with Polyurethane Tyre On Cast Iron Centre with Precision Ball Bearing 3400kg Static Load
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250mm Ultra Heavy Duty Swivel With Total Stop Brake Castor with 4 bolt fixing plate
Ultra Heavy Duty Fabricated Bracket
Ultra Heavy Duty with Polyurethane Wheel with Ball Bearings
The Bracket is Finished in BZP and is Corrosion resistant

Overall Height : 305mm
Wheel Size : 250mm
Tread Width : 80mm
Wheel Type : Polyurethane with Ball Bearings
Load Rating Dynamic: 1700kg
Load Rating Static : 3400kg
Fixing Plate Size : 175 x 140
Bolting Centres : 140 x 105mm
Bolt Size : 15mm
Swivel Radius : 190mm

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Ultra heavy duty Fixedcastor and Fabricated Steel Assembley.
Load Test Conditions for this product : 1.4km/h, 3 Hrs LINEAR TRACK DYNAMIC TEST MACHINE.
The fitted Wheel is manufactured from high impact resistante & highly compressed cast nylon.It benifits from extreme high load ratings together with low rolling resistance.


Eslabón giratorio ultra resistente de 250 mm con freno de frenado total con placa de fijación de 4 pernos
Soporte fabricado ultra resistente
Ultra resistente con rueda de poliuretano con rodamientos de bolas
El soporte está acabado en BZP y es resistente a la corrosión

Altura total: 305 mm
Tamaño de la rueda: 250 mm
Ancho de la banda de rodadura: 80 mm
Tipo de rueda: Poliuretano con rodamientos de bolas
Capacidad de carga dinámica: 1700kg
Clasificación de carga estática: 3400kg
Tamaño de la placa de fijación: 175 x 140
Centros de empernado: 140 x 105 mm
Tamaño del tornillo: 15 mm
Radio de giro: 190 mm


Giro ultra resistente de 250mm com o rodízio total do freio da parada com a placa da fixação de 4 parafusos
Suporte fabricado em Ultra Heavy Duty
Ultra Heavy Duty com roda de poliuretano com rolamentos de esferas
O suporte é finalizado em BZP e é resistente à corrosão

Altura total: 305 mm
Tamanho da roda: 250mm
Largura do Piso: 80mm
Tipo de Roda: Poliuretano com Rolamentos de Esferas
Classificação de Carga Dinâmica: 1700kg
Avaliação da carga estática: 3400kg
Tamanho da placa de fixação: 175 x 140
Centros de Aparafusamento: 140 x 105mm
Tamanho do Parafuso: 15mm
Raio de giro: 190mm


250mm Ultra-Heavy-Duty-Schwenker mit Totalstop-Bremsrolle mit 4-Bolzen-Befestigungsplatte
Ultra Heavy Duty Fabrizierte Halterung
Ultra Heavy Duty mit Polyurethan-Rad mit Kugellagern
Die Halterung ist aus BZP gefertigt und korrosionsbeständig

Gesamthöhe: 305 mm
Radgröße: 250mm
Profilbreite: 80mm
Radtyp: Polyurethan mit Kugellagern
Tragzahl dynamisch: 1700kg
Belastbarkeit statisch: 3400kg
Größe der Befestigungsplatte: 175 x 140
Verschraubungszentren: 140 x 105 mm
Schraubengröße: 15mm
Schwenkradius: 190mm
80 shore D hardness.
The fitted wheel will give a smooth and stable running perfomance and will be floor kind with an operating temperature of -25 t + 80 degree C