100mm Heavy Duty Castors Swivel Red Poly Tyre / Nylon Centre

Ref: PLS422PNB

Brand: Castors Online

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100mm Heavy Duty Castors Swivel  Red Poly Tyre / Nylon Centre
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Heavy Duty Swivel Fixed & Braked Castors with Red Polyurethane Wheels Ideal when a hard wearing and long lasting tread is needed as well as more resiliance than nylon wheels they are ideal for all industrial useage. This Product is Easy to Push and Non Marking
100 mm Swivel Castor with 4 bolt fixing plate

Overall Height : 128mm
Wheel Size : 100mm
Tread Width : 34mm
Wheel Type : Red Polyurethane Tyred on Black Nylon Centre, Roller Bearing
Load Rating : 200kg
Fixing Plate Size : 105 x 85mm
Bolting Centres : 80 x 60mm
Bolt Size : 8mm
Swivel Radius : 90mm
Heavy Duty Castor Produced from Mild Steel with BZP (Bright Zinc Plated) Steel work, The Castor is fitted with a Polyurethane Trye on Fluted for Strength Nylon centre with Roller Bearing Bore. This Wheel is ideal for applications where the load may remain static for a prolonged period as it will resist flat spots and also where the tractive restistance (effort required to initiate movement) is required to be lower. The product is harder wearing than blue elastic rubber and more resiliant than white nylon.