A new exciting addition to the already extensive range of castors offered at castors-online.co.uk The addition of the GDH range offered in the Heavy Duty section in 150mm and 200mm wheel options. The Range is now offered with an Elastic Tyre on Cast Iron Centre with presicion ball bearings fitted. The load capacity is some 600kg per castor and will offer the best performance for shock loading as well as almost silent running, It must be a win,win for clients who have heavy loads to carry and require a resiliant tread for soft opperation. they can be seen online now and have Braked,Swivel and Fixed version in both 150mm as well as 200mm.

An Elastic rubber tyre will provide shock absorbtion and gentle carry perfomance as well as coping with high loads of upto 600kg per castor.this product is the perfect solution for all industrial usage and is a favorite with Automotive and aerospace clients.

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