Theatres and television studios around the country are getting the strong silent treatment. All the swivel & total stop braked castors which are fitted to Aluminium and PVC covered transport and flight cases supplied by for supply to the TV and theatre market now have the all new range of heavy duty castors with the ultra quiet blue non marking elastic rubber tyres. The main and obvious advantage is the upgrading of the castor assembly which now has a load rating per castor of 200kg per unit which is a high lift from the previous model which loaded at 120kg per unit. This along with the new improved elastic tyred wheel replaces the semilastic wheel which has proved to be longer lasting, Stronger & Silent running. This has been a great advantage to the theatre, TV & Film studios where the riggers of outside broadcast and the requirement for quiet operation at all cost are not expected they are positivley demanded. The cases are gereally used to transport safely and securely all the equipment used on an outside broadcast of film production, usually lighting equipment and camera sets.  A typical film grip set, which is the camera which runs an a mobile rail track would all need to be packed transported and assembled time after time and requires gentle and secure carriage, as well as the obvious requirement for silent operation. the range can now been seen at and searching on the product search for PLS422RNB

Russ Jones