Now the weather has turned and with the cricket season  about to start,Also with the glory of the England cricket team winning the Ashes series, here at castors-online we start to think about the castors that are bought by our sports club clients. The spring time is always very seasonal for Pneumatic castors used by sport and cricket clubs all over the country, as they all begin to repair and replace the wheels that they have fitted to the Sight Screens and Wicket Covers. Most of the amature and county cricket clubs will only fit to the sight screens and wicket covers  castors that are fitted with pneumatic wheels, there is an obvious need to protect the playing surface and although they can require routine maintenance with the tyres requiring regular re inflation to ensure that the pressure remains evenly spread, this disadvantage is far out weighed by the pitch friendly tyre. Here at castors-online we supply the quality solution with our pneumatic range of castors,  code ref 143499 (swivel) and 143500 (fixed). They are fitted with 260mm diameter pneumatic tyres with steel roller  bearing centres, they have an effective height of 295mm and will carry a load of 200kg per castor. Take a look at the Pneumatic castors on our site.

Russ Jones