Like any other mechanical device castors & wheels need maintenance and care. As we have been supplying castors and wheels for years, we often come across our customers asking us questions. We may face if we don’t use castors correctly, so we decided to write a little guide on how to use your appliances that use castors carefully. Now we understand that  it will be difficult to f these at large places, like supermarkets etc. But at least you can follow these guidelines in your home, office or a smaller place.

These tips kept in mind will help you in easing your life with the use of castors in your homes and offices. These will also help in increasing the service life of the castors used.


Castors are single or double, wheel mechanical device that is designed to be mounted to the bottom of a larger object. Look around you and you will see castors being widely used in homes, office and public places. Be it the simple chair in your office or the shopping cart at a superstore castors find their use in daily lives. There are a variety of castors like fabricated castors, stainless steel castors, pressed castors etc. which we see around us.


It is important that these castors are used judiciously so that they do not damage the floors at the same time ease our lives. Make sure you read the operating manuals of the castors you purchase to find out thinks like load capacity. In this write up we shall discuss some of the basic tips which you should keep in mind while using castors.


Choose carefully – The first tip of using castors is choosing correct castors which suits your budget and your need. There are standard castors, light duty castors, medium duty castors and heavy duty industrial castors. You will have to know your purpose, the weight of the load that will be rolled and frequency of rolling to ensure that you get the right castor to serve your need. The load rating is quoted per castor and as a rule of thumb you would use a multiplier of X3 if 4 castors are to be fitted, this will ensure the load is correctly carried if the floor is un even thus allowing one of the corners to be slightly off the deck.

Take care of your floors – The floors over which you use castors need to be protected. Remember replacing or repairing a floor is an expensive affair. Apart from this poor floors lead to reduction of productivity and may lead to damage equipment which is rolled regularly using these wheels. So make sure that the floor over which the castors are rolled is smooth and try reducing friction as much as possible by choosing perhaps a roller bearing wheel option if available.

Push Instead Of Pull – When you are rolling a load from one place to another it is advisable to push the load instead of pulling it. This ensures that the force is equally distributed on all the wheels instead of the wheels on your side. This will increase the service life of castors both in domestic as well as industrial use which will prove to be very cost effective.

Keep it clean – By the very nature of rolling over the floor, castor wheels gather dirt very easily. In the long run the wheels tend to get body hair, threads and other particle which increases the friction and reduces their moment. If not cleaned on time they can permanently damage the wheels. You need to clean these wheels regularly and lubricate the ones which have bearings once in a while.

Do not use brutal Force – If you have a heavy load you need to make sure that adequate force is applied while rolling the object in your homes and offices. Avoid using a strong force while moving an object as it can damage the castors or cause an accident. Make sure that the movement is smooth and not too fast as the wheels shouldn’t be over strained which might lead to breakage.


The  Guardian on Sunday again featured castors-online in its weekend section on the 3rd September 2011 in an editorial by Charlotte Abrahams. This interesting feature is for breathing new life into old furniture and has again featured castors-online and particularly the light duty 75mm PLM range. Well Done Charlotte and Thanks for the feature . Our clients have recieved our quality assured service and safe secure online shopping with the piece of mind of our “no quibble money back guarantee.

Russ Jones     (Group Managing Director)

A new exciting addition to the already extensive range of castors offered at The addition of the GDH range offered in the Heavy Duty section in 150mm and 200mm wheel options. The Range is now offered with an Elastic Tyre on Cast Iron Centre with presicion ball bearings fitted. The load capacity is some 600kg per castor and will offer the best performance for shock loading as well as almost silent running, It must be a win,win for clients who have heavy loads to carry and require a resiliant tread for soft opperation. they can be seen online now and have Braked,Swivel and Fixed version in both 150mm as well as 200mm.

An Elastic rubber tyre will provide shock absorbtion and gentle carry perfomance as well as coping with high loads of upto 600kg per castor.this product is the perfect solution for all industrial usage and is a favorite with Automotive and aerospace clients.

Castors-online now offer as standard total track and trace logistic powered by UPS Global Systems. It will be in addition to the packet & carton service already in use by UK Mail. The new system will provide a real time delivery estimation on all next day services as well as an automatic E-mail or Text alert to clients who provide the relavent contact details. In effect this will E-Mail or text the client about 30 minutes prior to the delivery being made.

The wheel is possibly Mans Greatest invention and has remained the greatest step in the evolution of mankind until perhaps the introduction of the micro chip and the digital revolution. Obviously the wheel may be a subject which will rarely; if ever come in to the minds of the masses. however here at castors-online it is something very close to our hearts; and rightly so, it is not only the provider of our livelihood but it is something of which the development is our greatest passion.

I was very interested in a recent documentary screened on channel 4 entitled “business nightmares” which highlighted the danger of the failure to adapt and change a business to a rapidly changing world and stick dogedly to the  past and present or being afraid or unable to develop and move forward. The documentary was about the Huge worldwide Polaroid corporation which developed the instant camera which it sold at almost breakeven margins but enjoyed a masive 60% margin on the consumable film packs which could only be used by the camera. People saw that the difference of taking a picture and seeing the result immediately, was a revolution, instead of waiting until the whole film roll was used then sent away for processing and awaiting your pics sometime later. The company became one of the worlds biggest organisations and as the digital age dawned it toyed with entering the new market, but was reluctant to start down sizing and closing some of its many production facilities, and decided to stick resolutely to its core trade. It could have had no idea of the speed of which the digtal camera would  reinvent its market place, The company which was then among the most successful was soon forced to scale down its production and eventually file for bankruptcy owing one billion US dollars.

Castors-online have never thought it could reinvent the wheel but we have always developed and improved the product to what is now amongst the most complete ranges of industrial wheels and castors, We have introduced many new products including the gate castor and the market leading premium quality extra heavy duty NGR series and the heavy duty GDH series which will offer top quality and affordable solutions to all the heavy engineering and OEM sectors of the UK castor market, fast and reliable deliveries backed up with our quality assurance program registerd to ISO 9000.

With this in mind it has always been my strongest belief that the future is NEVER IN THE PAST.

Russell Jones

Theatres and television studios around the country are getting the strong silent treatment. All the swivel & total stop braked castors which are fitted to Aluminium and PVC covered transport and flight cases supplied by for supply to the TV and theatre market now have the all new range of heavy duty castors with the ultra quiet blue non marking elastic rubber tyres. The main and obvious advantage is the upgrading of the castor assembly which now has a load rating per castor of 200kg per unit which is a high lift from the previous model which loaded at 120kg per unit. This along with the new improved elastic tyred wheel replaces the semilastic wheel which has proved to be longer lasting, Stronger & Silent running. This has been a great advantage to the theatre, TV & Film studios where the riggers of outside broadcast and the requirement for quiet operation at all cost are not expected they are positivley demanded. The cases are gereally used to transport safely and securely all the equipment used on an outside broadcast of film production, usually lighting equipment and camera sets.  A typical film grip set, which is the camera which runs an a mobile rail track would all need to be packed transported and assembled time after time and requires gentle and secure carriage, as well as the obvious requirement for silent operation. the range can now been seen at and searching on the product search for PLS422RNB

Russ Jones

The online price for the soft tread version of the standard office chair castor has been slashed from £2.65 to £2.06 each. this will be for a limited period only as there could be a shortfall in supply of the standard wheel item.

Standard Office Chair Castor Incorporating Soft Tread Tyre 50mm

Now the weather has turned and with the cricket season  about to start,Also with the glory of the England cricket team winning the Ashes series, here at castors-online we start to think about the castors that are bought by our sports club clients. The spring time is always very seasonal for Pneumatic castors used by sport and cricket clubs all over the country, as they all begin to repair and replace the wheels that they have fitted to the Sight Screens and Wicket Covers. Most of the amature and county cricket clubs will only fit to the sight screens and wicket covers  castors that are fitted with pneumatic wheels, there is an obvious need to protect the playing surface and although they can require routine maintenance with the tyres requiring regular re inflation to ensure that the pressure remains evenly spread, this disadvantage is far out weighed by the pitch friendly tyre. Here at castors-online we supply the quality solution with our pneumatic range of castors,  code ref 143499 (swivel) and 143500 (fixed). They are fitted with 260mm diameter pneumatic tyres with steel roller  bearing centres, they have an effective height of 295mm and will carry a load of 200kg per castor. Take a look at the Pneumatic castors on our site.

Russ Jones

Castors-online have added to the massive  range of furniture castors. The range has been extended and now covers the standard office chair fitting for both the general purpose wheel code reference TW5006D11x22, as well as the the soft tread version (TW5006D11x22ST)  which has the advantage of being fitted with a  soft rubber tread, this would normally be fitted when the chair is primarily used on a laminate or tile floor, for instance conservatories or modern office flooring when ceramic and polished woods are used. The fitting which is shown in the online store is a standard bayonet fitting which is 11mm in the diameter of the pin which plugs in to the 5 leg star base used on most office chairs. There is a 10mm version which can be ordered but this is only available by calling the sales lines 0161 273 2626. The reason that this has been left off the online store is quite simple, when two bayonet fittings are offered one of 10mm and one of 11mm it may be thought to be logical that the 10mm is standard when in fact around 90% of the office chairs supplied in the UK are fitted with 11mm bayonet fitting on the castor. the decision therefore was made to only offer the standard 11mm fitting so as to avoid needless order returns and replacements and when a 10mm pin is required our sales advisers will ensure that this is what is required and perhaps prompt the customer to measure the unit more accurately than may have been the case at first.

There is a complete range also of the plastic twin wheel furniture castors in both 40mm and 50mm with a range of fittings. the fittings which are available are square 4 screw plate and m10x15mm threaded pin as well as m8x15 threaded pins. Bulk buy rates have just been applied and huge savings can be achieved for buying the box quantity shown.

Russ Jones

As well as the good weather castors-online  blog is now here!  As the good weather starts to warm our hearts and gardens, We start to think about the routine maintenance and its not just the bulbs that need planting or the lawn that needs mowing. All gate posts weather they be powered or standard manual posts will start to move and strain under weight of anything but a small gate.  castors-online supply a market leading automatic height adjusting gate castor which will provide 70kg of spring force, whilst being able to adjust upto 3 1/2″ to allow for any uneven ground. They are available at the online store and can be seen on the home page as well as the product category section and have and order code of Gate02. Now is the time to check out the new gate castor and make life easier! This years new features include a super hard wearing Elastic Rubber Wheel and powder coat finish. You can buy online or if you prefer call the sales hot line on 0161 273 2626

Russ Jones