Like any other mechanical device castors & wheels need maintenance and care. As we have been supplying castors and wheels for years, we often come across our customers asking us questions. We may face if we don’t use castors correctly, so we decided to write a little guide on how to use your appliances that use castors carefully. Now we understand that  it will be difficult to f these at large places, like supermarkets etc. But at least you can follow these guidelines in your home, office or a smaller place.

These tips kept in mind will help you in easing your life with the use of castors in your homes and offices. These will also help in increasing the service life of the castors used.


Castors are single or double, wheel mechanical device that is designed to be mounted to the bottom of a larger object. Look around you and you will see castors being widely used in homes, office and public places. Be it the simple chair in your office or the shopping cart at a superstore castors find their use in daily lives. There are a variety of castors like fabricated castors, stainless steel castors, pressed castors etc. which we see around us.


It is important that these castors are used judiciously so that they do not damage the floors at the same time ease our lives. Make sure you read the operating manuals of the castors you purchase to find out thinks like load capacity. In this write up we shall discuss some of the basic tips which you should keep in mind while using castors.


Choose carefully – The first tip of using castors is choosing correct castors which suits your budget and your need. There are standard castors, light duty castors, medium duty castors and heavy duty industrial castors. You will have to know your purpose, the weight of the load that will be rolled and frequency of rolling to ensure that you get the right castor to serve your need. The load rating is quoted per castor and as a rule of thumb you would use a multiplier of X3 if 4 castors are to be fitted, this will ensure the load is correctly carried if the floor is un even thus allowing one of the corners to be slightly off the deck.

Take care of your floors – The floors over which you use castors need to be protected. Remember replacing or repairing a floor is an expensive affair. Apart from this poor floors lead to reduction of productivity and may lead to damage equipment which is rolled regularly using these wheels. So make sure that the floor over which the castors are rolled is smooth and try reducing friction as much as possible by choosing perhaps a roller bearing wheel option if available.

Push Instead Of Pull – When you are rolling a load from one place to another it is advisable to push the load instead of pulling it. This ensures that the force is equally distributed on all the wheels instead of the wheels on your side. This will increase the service life of castors both in domestic as well as industrial use which will prove to be very cost effective.

Keep it clean – By the very nature of rolling over the floor, castor wheels gather dirt very easily. In the long run the wheels tend to get body hair, threads and other particle which increases the friction and reduces their moment. If not cleaned on time they can permanently damage the wheels. You need to clean these wheels regularly and lubricate the ones which have bearings once in a while.

Do not use brutal Force – If you have a heavy load you need to make sure that adequate force is applied while rolling the object in your homes and offices. Avoid using a strong force while moving an object as it can damage the castors or cause an accident. Make sure that the movement is smooth and not too fast as the wheels shouldn’t be over strained which might lead to breakage.