The wheel is possibly Mans Greatest invention and has remained the greatest step in the evolution of mankind until perhaps the introduction of the micro chip and the digital revolution. Obviously the wheel may be a subject which will rarely; if ever come in to the minds of the masses. however here at castors-online it is something very close to our hearts; and rightly so, it is not only the provider of our livelihood but it is something of which the development is our greatest passion.

I was very interested in a recent documentary screened on channel 4 entitled “business nightmares” which highlighted the danger of the failure to adapt and change a business to a rapidly changing world and stick dogedly to the  past and present or being afraid or unable to develop and move forward. The documentary was about the Huge worldwide Polaroid corporation which developed the instant camera which it sold at almost breakeven margins but enjoyed a masive 60% margin on the consumable film packs which could only be used by the camera. People saw that the difference of taking a picture and seeing the result immediately, was a revolution, instead of waiting until the whole film roll was used then sent away for processing and awaiting your pics sometime later. The company became one of the worlds biggest organisations and as the digital age dawned it toyed with entering the new market, but was reluctant to start down sizing and closing some of its many production facilities, and decided to stick resolutely to its core trade. It could have had no idea of the speed of which the digtal camera would  reinvent its market place, The company which was then among the most successful was soon forced to scale down its production and eventually file for bankruptcy owing one billion US dollars.

Castors-online have never thought it could reinvent the wheel but we have always developed and improved the product to what is now amongst the most complete ranges of industrial wheels and castors, We have introduced many new products including the gate castor and the market leading premium quality extra heavy duty NGR series and the heavy duty GDH series which will offer top quality and affordable solutions to all the heavy engineering and OEM sectors of the UK castor market, fast and reliable deliveries backed up with our quality assurance program registerd to ISO 9000.

With this in mind it has always been my strongest belief that the future is NEVER IN THE PAST.

Russell Jones