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Industrial Wheels

Load Rating For Castors

The Load Rating for castors fitted to a trolley or equipment is a mulltiplier of the amount of Castors Fitted, Pattern of Fitment & Floor Condition.

Generally a Square or Rectandular pattern with 4 Castors fitted will provide a Muliplier of Load x 3 allowing for uneven surface conditions when 1 castor may be off the furface leaving 3 to safely carry the Load. A Multiplier of 4 may be calculated ONLY IF the Floor Conditions are Totally Flat and all 4 Castors are in contact with the floor.

A Triangular Arrangement of 3 Castors will provide a Multiplier of Load x 2.5

Arrangements of 6 Castors 2 Fixed Centrally & 4 on each corner along with a 4 Castor Diamond arrangement will give Load x 2 as the geometrical effect can allow only 2 castors to be in contact on eneven floor conditions.


Wheels and Castors Guide

A. Introduction

consist of different materials and are available with or without tread, tyre, cover, etc. The quality of the tread, the individual rims, the wheel centres and the different bearings are responsible for the diverse wheel characteristics. For this reason, wheels are characterised by different load capacities, rolling resistances and rolling qualities. The special characteristics of
the individual wheel series can be explained by our sales team.

Types of Wheels and Castors, Classified by Application

Wheel & Castor Guide

B. Selection Criteria for Wheels and Castors

Below are some pointers which need to be considered while chosing castors/ wheels for your particular application.
  • Load capacity
  • Environmental influences
  • Corrosion and temperature resistance
  • Table: Chemical resistance
  • Starting and rolling resistance
  • Manoeuvrability

Grey Rubber Tyred Weels

Castors are available with the solid grey rubber tyre that incorporates a plastic centre and is available in plain or roller bearing versions dependant upon the wheel size. These wheels are predominantly manufactured from a non marking synthetic grey rubber and are widely used on trolleys, carts, trucks, dollys in the medical and educational industry sectors.

Blue Semi lastic Rubber Wheels

Castors are available with the blue rubber semi lastic tyre that incorporates a plastic centre and is available in plain or roller bearing versions dependant upon the wheel size.

Black Rubber Tyred Wheels

Industrial castor wheels are available with the black rubber tyre that incorporates a plastic centre which can be supplied with a plain or roller bearing version dependant upon the wheel size. Or the steel centred version that is only supplies with in the roller bearing version.

Nylon Covered Wheels

Wheels with a white nylon solid wheel that incorporates plain, roller or ball bearing axles.

Polyurethane on Cast Iron Centre

Industrial wheels available with the red, brown, caramel polyeurethane tyre that incorporates a cast iron centre and is available in roller or ball bearing versions dependant upon the wheel size. These wheels are non marking. Suitable for heavier loads.

Polyurethane Wheels|/a>

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