250mm Ultra Heavy Duty Swivel & Braked Castors with Cast Nylon Bal Bearing 3000kg Static Load


Brand: Castors Online

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250mm Ultra Heavy Duty Swivel & Braked Castors with Cast Nylon Bal Bearing 3000kg Static Load
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250mm Ultra Heavy Duty Swivel With Total Stop Brake Castor with 4 bolt fixing plate
Ultra Heavy Duty Fabricated Bracket
Ultra Heavy Duty with Cast Nylon Wheel with Ball Bearings
The Bracket is Finished in BZP and is Corrosion resistant

Overall Height : 305mm
Wheel Size : 250mm
Tread Width : 80mm
Wheel Type : Cast Nylon with Ball Bearings
Load Rating Dynamic: 3000kg
Load Rating Static : 4800kg
Fixing Plate Size : 175 x 140
Bolting Centres : 140 x 105mm
Bolt Size : 15mm
Swivel Radius : 190mm

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Ultra heavy duty Fixedcastor and Fabricated Steel Assembley.
Load Test Conditions for this product : 1.4km/h, 3 Hrs LINEAR TRACK DYNAMIC TEST MACHINE.
The fitted Wheel is manufactured from high impact resistante & highly compressed cast nylon.It benifits from extreme high load ratings together with low rolling resistance.
80 shore D hardness.
The fitted wheel will give a smooth and stable running perfomance and will be floor kind with an operating temperature of -25 t + 80 degree C


Eslabón giratorio ultra resistente de 250 mm con freno de frenado total con placa de fijación de 4 pernos
Soporte fabricado ultra resistente
Ultra resistente con ruedas de nylon fundido con rodamientos de bolas
El soporte está acabado en BZP y es resistente a la corrosión

Altura total: 305 mm
Tamaño de la rueda: 250 mm
Ancho de la banda de rodadura: 80 mm
Tipo de rueda: Nylon fundido con rodamientos de bolas
Capacidad de carga dinámica: 2400kg
Clasificación de carga estática: 4800kg
Tamaño de la placa de fijación: 175 x 140
Centros de empernado: 140 x 105 mm
Tamaño del tornillo: 15 mm
Radio de giro: 190


Giro ultra resistente de 250mm com o rodízio total do freio da parada com a placa da fixação de 4 parafusos
Suporte fabricado em Ultra Heavy Duty
Ultra Heavy Duty com roda de nylon fundido com rolamentos de esferas
O suporte é finalizado em BZP e é resistente à corrosão

Altura total: 305 mm
Tamanho da roda: 250mm
Largura do Piso: 80mm
Tipo de roda: Nylon fundido com rolamentos de esferas
Classificação de Carga Dinâmica: 2400kg
Avaliação da carga estática: 4800kg
Tamanho da placa de fixação: 175 x 140
Centros de Aparafusamento: 140 x 105mm
Tamanho do Parafuso: 15mm
Raio de giro: 190mm


250mm Ultra-Heavy-Duty-Schwenker mit Totalstop-Bremsrolle mit 4-Bolzen-Befestigungsplatte
Ultra Heavy Duty Fabrizierte Halterung
Ultra Heavy Duty mit gegossenem Nylonrad mit Kugellagern
Die Halterung ist aus BZP gefertigt und korrosionsbeständig

Gesamthöhe: 305 mm
Radgröße: 250mm
Profilbreite: 80mm
Radtyp: Guss-Nylon mit Kugellagern
Tragzahl dynamisch: 2400kg
Belastbarkeit statisch: 4800kg
Größe der Befestigungsplatte: 175 x 140
Verschraubungszentren: 140 x 105 mm
Schraubengröße: 15mm
Schwenkradius: 190mm